Roy Knaak

Saxophone to Soothe the Soul

Roy Knaak has a way with the saxophone! Soft smooth sounds to soothe the soul and massage the heart.Genres that he plays in are power ballads, jazz ballads and soft rock. 

Roy's Musical History

Roy was born in 1976 and has been a Washington resident all of his life and in Bellingham since 1995. He has been actively playing the sax for over 20 years, and it was the first instrument after the recorder that he played in grade school.  He studied  with professional saxophonist, Brad Mcneill, and at the young age of 18 was already doing professional studio work and radio commercials. 

Roy's Creative Side

He says, "It has been my lifelong goal to refine my passion for each and and every note played and to tug on the listener's heart. I focus less with 'wowing' with technical feats of patterns and riffs, and a whole lot more on making the notes I  'choose' to play convey something really emotive."

Contact Roy by emailing

or call 360-441-6618

YouTube Demo :

Roy Knaak!

Plays the beautiful and romantic "Europa"

Mayor Jon Mutchler

Piano Extraordinaire

We can't say enough about how we appreciate our very own Ferndale Mayor Jon Mutchler playing the piano for us!  He is so good and is a joy to listen to. 

Plays and Teaches Piano

Jon has been teaching piano and playing professionally for about 35 years.  He received many music awards in high school and then went on to study piano at Western Washington University with renowned teacher, Ford Hill. 

He's the Mayor!

Check out his full list of musical, theological and sports accomplishments at these two websites: ,

Anita Shuller

"Life is like a piano. What you get out of it depends on how you play it." Tom Lehrer


Anita Shuller is a wonderful pianist who will take you into a dream world with her thoughtful, romantic and spiritual tunes. 

She plays beautiful classical music, and has the ability to improvise uplifting melodies that makes your dining experience special. 

Anita is a student at Whatcom Community College in music. She performs solo recitals, and is an accompanist for collegiate choir as well. 

Her goal is to expose her musical expertise and artistic works to grow her audience and touch listeners’ hearts with the sounds of her music! 

She is a truly gifted musician and you won't regret sitting in her circle of magic!  

Paul Klein

Paul Klein at the Piano

Paul Klein plays piano and sings classical songs, blues, rags, jazz, Honky Tonk and good old rock and roll. He hails from Bellingham, where he founded the Atlantics, a great dance band in the Northwest tradition and successfully gigs from Vancouver BC, to Eugene, Oregon and all cities in between for 39 years and is still going strong.

Paul plays and sings solo too.

For 20 years he has played weekly at the Boundary Bay Brewery in Bellingham and also the Jansen Art Center in Lynden, Conway Muse as well as France, Italy and Canada.  He also plays weekly in the Belllingham Cancer Center, as well as local Senior Centers, Memory units and countless private parties.  

Contact him at

August Giaccaglia

Heavenly Voice and Guitar

First, his last name is pronounced 'Jih-call-yuh' (he informs us on his website!) 

He was born in Florida but grew up in the grasslands of Ferndale, and spent  the last 11 years in Seattle. 

Music is his passion

From childhood on, music has been his greatest passion and therapy. He bought his first musical instrument when he was 14, a piano, in exchange for mowing someone's lawn. Soon after that he picked up the acoustic guitar and have written over 70 original songs. His current work is teaching guitar, and he loves the inspiration that music instills in his students. 

Learn about August

Listen to and buy his music on his website:

August G!

Original song "Again"